Charity Small


We all have stressors in our life. Some are more than others. Imagine you’re the mother of three, you’re the director of finance and administration for a fast growing company, and your husband just got sent overseas on military deployment. Wrap your head around that… you have three children to take care of, run around town, and be a parent to. The company you work for keeps growing as does your list of responsibilities and the hours you need to put in just to keep up. Now your husband, a local firefighter was just sent overseas on military deployment and won’t be back for eight months. That was what Charity Small was dealing with every day when she decided to add fitness to her already crazy busy life, join Results Personal Training, and surprise her husband when he came home. Charity simply fought back against the stress.

There are so many cool aspects to Charity’s story. Her husband Bob, is a HazMat guy for the Sioux Falls Fire Department and competes in Highland Games. If you don’t know, Highland games are like Strongman competitions for the Irish, basically the competitors are some big super strong men tossing around large telephone pole like cabers as if they were small tree branches. Naturally we partnered her up with Results trainer, Tim Feathers, a freakishly strong guy in his own right with a solid knowledge of strongman training. Now Charity could begin to physically regain control of her life by training the same way her husband would, which proved to be a nice connection while he was gone.

Anyone who’s successful at any endeavor recognizes at some point they need to fully commit themselves to achieve what they want, and Charity Small did that! Shortly after beginning at Results she purchased a rowing machine, a bike and golf clubs. The bike and golf clubs not only provided physical activity but quality mom and son time on several occasions. Charity fully committed to a 6pm appointment with her trainer 3 days a week, which meant she needed to revamp her work schedule so she could continue to be successful at the office. She even made changes at the office by getting a desk she could stand and work at. Charity also modified her eating habits and began eating a diet that consists mostly of lean meats, lots of veggies, healthy snacks and plenty of water to improve her diabetes and body composition. Tim says, “She’s very detail oriented. Whatever she does she makes sure she does it to perfection. She researches and reads up on everything, and this habit has really helped her on this journey.”

When Bob returns this December he will be coming home to a new woman. Physically, the strength she’s gained is impressive… she’s deadlifted 275lbs, squatted 175lbs, loaded the 135lb cement Atlas stone, and the 150lb sandbag for multiple reps. Charity has become a physical beast. Her husband, Bob is a very strong and active guy and this type of training has been something they have been able to share even thousands of miles apart. On August 8th Bob commented on her Facebook progress picture, “You made the choice to do this and to take control of your life. I can tell the difference when we talk how your outlook on things has changed. I wish I could be there to share in the journey. I will be home soon enough though and we can pick it up from there. You are beautiful and I love you.” Her daughter Carissa brags, “I couldn’t be more proud of my mom. She’s such an inspiration to me. She’s worked so hard to get where she is now and continuing on her journey of success and a new lifestyle!”

On August 28th Charity Small summed up her journey with, “Today I did something that I couldn’t even imagine myself doing a few weeks ago, I ran 4.5 miles. Yes, I said ran! My first 3 miles were faster than my last mile and a half but I still knocked it out in 68 minutes. It got me thinking about everything that has changed in the last 4 months. It’s amazing what you see in pictures, (referring to the before and after picture) it speaks volumes. Obviously this is just the beginning of a new journey and lifestyle change but it’s been an awesome start. Thanks to Tim Feathers for being an amazing trainer through this and thanks to my husband for pushing me to do what I need to, even being a thousand miles away. Also thanks to all my family and friends for listening to me talk about this adventure daily.”

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