Corey and his staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Knowing I can get a workout in with full attention to the task at hand makes it a prefect place for me to train for the upcoming NFL season. If you're looking to get in serious shape and push the limits, Results Personal Training is the place for you! Thanks for everything Corey!

- Riley Reiff

I recently moved away from Sioux Falls, and I can honestly say that working with Corey is one of the things that I will miss the most. From the very first session with him, it was obvious that I was working with someone who is proficient in what he does. Within minutes of observing me he had pinpointed the precise adjustments I needed to make in my movements. It’s a giant leap, though, from simply possessing the knowledge to being an effective teacher. And Corey is a phenomenal teacher. He’s demanding and yet insightful, patient and inspiring. Whenever I ran into a roadblock with my training, he steered me around to get back on track. During the year and a half that I was able to spend at Results, Corey guided me, in my mid-40’s, to be in the best shape of my life. So if you’re thinking about joining Results, don’t hesitate; you won’t regret it.

— Dr. Saquib Lakhani, MD

The first few training sessions were given to me as a gift from my husband. I knew I needed some guidance and accountability. The workouts are very motivational! It can get difficult at times but Cherie's encouragement always helps me get through it. Now I'm stronger and my clothes fit better! Thank you!

- Michelle Eggebraaten

I lost my husband to brain cancer and felt tired, depressed and fatigued. I had gained about 30 pounds and knew that I needed to make some changes to feel better both mentally and physically. I'm 51 and I have never felt better! My arms and legs are stronger than ever! I have lost the 30 pounds and dropped 2 dress sizes! My energy levels are much better! I wish I started this a long time ago!

- Lana Olshove

My sessions at Results are a welcome break in my day. I come in, say hello to all my friends, get in the groove and start working. It's very comfortable! Now there's definition in my body my wife has never seen in 13 years of marriage. Plus, I have less aches in my neck and back from sitting at my desk all day!

- Jason Erickson

Hey, Corey - Wanted to let you know that I was blown away last Sunday watching Cherie, Austin, Isaac and the others test for the RKC. Wow….what an elite group of people….the best of the best. It was so refreshing to meet people who not only love fitness and strength, but respect it! Two of the people that I met last Sunday complimented ME after the short workout I enjoyed as a volunteer, which truly made me feel very lucky to have had the RIGHT training. One of them told Lana and I that we were very lucky to train at Results because we have the best trainers! Although she shared with us that she did not pass, she told us that she was taking away with her the opportunity and gift to improve. To me, she was a winner. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the glimpse I had of the RKC. Watching the last test was so inspiring….the air was filled with power, strength, respect and pride……I can still hear everyone…..”What are you?!!!” “STRONG!” “What do you want to be?!!” “RKC!!” Results IS RKC, and you, Cherie, Austin and Isaac make me feel like we are all part of that elite group, too. I meet a lot of people who “boast” about their workout and have experienced “arrogance” in the gym. However, I am so GRATEFUL and PROUD to be a member of Results. Congratulations to you and Tricia…..you have built the BEST personal fitness studio that is SOLID because it is based on faith, love, and respect.

- Julie

I joined Results because I needed to do something for myself. I had just lost my husband of 21 years to cancer, and spent the last 2 years caring for him. During that time I didn't have the time or energy to take care of me. After the loss I experienced some health issues due to stress, now I am much stronger physically and mentally. My sessions help me deal with stress and gain confidence in myself.

- Tracey Hagen

After training with Cherie I sleep much better, and my self confidence has improved. The workouts are both hard work and challenging, yet fun.

- Steve Eggebraaten

After experiencing chronic joint pain and weakness I began training with Aaron. Since then I've noticed weight loss around my midsection, plus I have strengthened my weaker areas and gained overall strength in my legs, shoulders and abs. Aaron is a great trainer! He gives great guidance and challenges me while encouraging at the same time.

- Brad Peterson

Folks, if you live in South Dakota or even NEAR it, not only is he the best option around for the best-of-the-best in strength training and fitness, but he has a firm grasp on what it means to progress through anything and forge ahead of your goals- fitness and otherwise. Talk to him, and he'll help you get to your goals, whatever they may be.

- Aleks Salkin

Corey takes pride in providing a safe, personalized experience. He is very knowledgeable and encouraging. Form is always foremost. It's hard to believe the workout you can get with kettlebells without experiencing it first hand. Thanks to Corey for introducing me to such a powerful tool.

- Dr. Eric Watson

With my workouts I always feel like I've accomplished something that I could never have done on my own. Brendan knows my weaknesses and continues to push me through. Plus with Brendan and Julie as my workout partner, WE HAVE SO MUCH FUN!!

- Tricia Howard

After physical therapy I wanted to start exercising again but didn't want to hurt myself. I had recently hurniated a disc in my low back and didn't want to knock myself out doing tons of cardio without any change. Since working with Brendan Hurley, I am stronger, totally less stressed, can see a huge difference in the way my clothes fit, and can see muscle definition at 48!

- Julie Haagenson

I was going through a stressful time that had drained my mental and physical reserves, and knew I needed to invest in my well-being. Since starting at Results, I have more energy; I look forward to my workouts with my trainer; I feel stronger and more confident in myself, my body, and my ability to handle whatever life throws at me!

- Christy Zwagerman

I feel the best I have felt in the past 15 years. I am stronger, sleep better, and feel healthier. Aaron Aylward is my trainer and I would absolutely recommend him!

- Dr. Luis Rojas

The past year working with Results PT continues to be transforming. Far beyond the expected benefits of weight loss, increased strength and better overall health has been an attitude shift. What began as “I’ll try....” has changed to “I own this!” through a professionally competent program that is neither harsh nor easy, but challenging, encouraging and fun. As Corey has taught: “Do or do not; there is no try”!

- Dr. Pete Travers

Dear Mr. Howard: As you know, I am a 73-year-old male that has been your client for about a year now. I recently returned from a routine, but thorough, exam at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. I did not tell my doctor of my workout regimen until she very pleasantly reported that my cholesterol was at an all-time low and my PSA was normal. Because my medications or diet have not changed since my last exam, I can only attribute my good report to my exercise schedule with Results Personal Training. Furthermore, I feel my muscle tone has improved and I simply feel better. Thanks, Results Personal Training!

- Jack Stengel

I have been working out on my own for over eight years. However, I could tell that my body was no longer reacting to my work outs the way I wanted. No matter what I did, I was not getting the satisfaction I needed out of my work outs. I came to Corey in order to prepare for the Miss South Dakota USA pageant. Corey eased me into his unique work out plan and I was able to see and feel the difference at once. He never does the same work out twice and I have never seen results appear so quickly in my body. Corey's food list was also really useful in getting me on track. I went on to compete in Miss South Dakota USA and felt so confident in myself and because of that, I was able to win the title. As a trainer, Corey is optomistic and excels at surfacing your drive. I find that I enjoy my work outs every week because of the quality that he provides. I am eager to compete in Miss USA as I know Corey's workouts will make my body look exactly as I want.

- Jessica Rowell

As an avid exerciser for all my life, I have been pleasantly surprised with the transformation of my body and increased energy in the short 6 months I have been working out at Results Personal Training. Corey and his staff customize personal workout plans to achieve individual goals, integrating creative movements and making working out FUN! I actually look forward to my training sessions as the “Results” are amazing!

- Pam DeBoer

The intensity that I experienced taking the kettlebell classes far surpassed what I thought it would be. Corey showed me that a mere 16 kilos could make turn me into sweaty, exhausted mess in a hurry!!... Corey trained me for the kettlebell classes and I would recommend him in a heart beat. I learned more from Corey than I did from my college experience in exercise science.

- David Abma

The impact from my knee injury has been minimized and doesn’t hold me back at all. I’ve seen a huge increase in lower body strength. My workouts before focused on specific muscle groups, but didn’t do a good job of balancing things. Back problems seemed to be a recurring problem before training with Corey. The constantly changing workouts and more focus on overall strength also seem to have taken care of my back problems. At 41, I feel like I am in the best shape of my life.

- Eric Lacey

Corey is my trainer, and I would ABSOLUTELY recommend him! He is extremely knowledgeable, and knows how to get the best performance possible out of his clients. He treats his clients with respect and trains them based on their individual needs. I came to Results with the intent to work with Corey because of the good things that I had heard, and I have definitely not been disappointed.

- Whitney Moser

When I hired Corey, I had very specific requests due to the nature of the events that I was training for. I had worked with several top personal trainers in New York City and Minneapolis, who I approached with the same requests only to experience short term results. After traning with Corey, I have long term results and knowledge. His incorporation of Kettlebells increased the intesity of my training, balance, and strength. He always explains what I am doing and why by letting me know the function behind every move. He has empowered me to always strive for the next level. He is the only person I trust with my training, and the premier kettlebell expert in this area.

- Alexis LeVan

If you're looking to improve your functional strength, physique, and overall well-being, your search is over! Corey is a true gentleman and carries his strength with humility. He always treats his "victims" with tough love and respect. He will design a training regimen for you that will push you to your limits no matter what your current fitness level is. Having completed the RKC level I certification myself, I can assure you that Corey will teach you how to use kettlebells SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY. You will be AMAZED at the gains in strength and conditioning you will make. You will startle yourself in your own mirror! There is no other place in town that offers the quality of training that you will get from Corey. Train with Corey, GET RESULTS!!

- Brendan Hurley
FORMER RKC LEVEL I (2008 - 2010)

This individual is comparing what he does in his training sessions with me versus when he was playing college baseball: "If you back out the baseball-specific training/drills and just look at the weight-training and conditioning aspect of things, it's night and day. In the Fall (off season) our strength coach had us lift heavy three days a week, checking one-rep max frequently on bench and squat (neither with proper form -- which I didn't learn until I started training with Corey). Our lifting routine -- both the number of sets and reps -- was constant. The only goal was to increase weight. We ran plently in practice, so the only other cardio work we did was in the swimming pool. In the Spring we stopped lifting once the season started, and each season I'd usually lose 10 - 15 lbs. We had a fairly injury prone team, and I'd guess it had a lot to do with the fact that we didn't train correctly heading into the season. At Results, the training is much more balanced -- if anything, the focus is on finding a weakness and eliminating it so you can take the next step. In my case, I had/have several weaknesses. The most glaring was the lack of hip mobility. It prevented me from doing a number of exercises correctly -- squats, deadlifts, kettlebell swings, etc. The combination of focusing on eliminating those weaknesses, changing the workouts every 2 to 4 weeks, and Corey pushing me to do things I'd probably never do on my own makes this place different than anywhere I've ever worked out. If I'd have had someone as knowledgeable training me and my teammates when I was in school, we'd have been better prepared and would probably have won more games."

- Former Collegiate Baseball Player

I have been training at Results for about a year and a half in both one on one sessions and kettlebell classes. Since starting my strength, flexibility and endurance have increased tremendously. I have gained leaned muscle that I never thought I had and am in the best shape I’ve ever been in. My eating habits have improved and I make smarter food decisions based on the knowledge I’ve gained at Results. But most importantly, I find myself getting excited for workouts!

- Courtney Mendelson