Julie Haagenson


“The last time I felt like this I was 21!” Those are the words of 49 year old Julie Haaagenson, Results Personal Training’s “Hero of the Month”.

Birthday’s and scales are sometimes the “Oh Crap” moment’s that scare people into making lifestyle changes. For Julie, her 47th birthday came with severe pain in her foot and knee. That’s when she started wondering how her life would be when she turned 50. Couple that with an extra fifteen pounds that had snuck onto her and you have a recipe for some real concern. Despite wanting to improve her physical condition and take life by the horns, Julie had to find a sensible approach that not only helped get rid pain but also strengthened and bulletproofed her so it would never happen again.

In July of that year the Orthopedic Institute told Julie she had a badly herniated disk in her low back, causing numbness and shooting pain in her leg. Many of us have dealt with back pain but this scared her. She did everything Dr. Mitch Johnson told her and after 3 months of physical therapy she felt ready to start working out again. Concerns crept back into her head, “Where do I start?” “I don’t want the back pain to return!” “I don’t want to spend countless hours on the elliptical!” In her final appointment with Dr. Johnson, Julie mentioned she wanted to start working with a trainer at Results. He had heard of us and gave her the green light.

Julie says her conversation with her physical therapist and Dr. Johnson motivated her to come to Results. “It was at his suggestion that I begin strengthening my core to build a strong foundation to prevent hurting my back again, so he asked me what I was planning to do. I told him I was very hesitant at starting any group exercise classes because I had done that for so many years and didn’t really see any results. So, I threw that out since it seemed like it would be a big waste of time all the way around. I have my own universal weight machine, but wasn’t sure which muscles to start working and I was afraid of hurting my back. I also knew I needed to lose some “insulation” and that the cardio machines I own were calling my name, but I wasn’t looking forward to spending 45 minutes to an hour knocking myself out! During that conversation with my therapist, I realized that my personal “investment” of sweat and time wasn’t giving me the intended return. In the end, my reward was always the same…..pooped out and still insulated!! My main fear was hurting my back again!”

Julie came into Results with the same fears many other people have when they walk in to our facility. She was starting at ground zero, and she didn’t look or feel like a fitness model in any way shape or form! Julie’s journey began just like everyone else’s- a confidential consultation and a movement screening. We discussed her injury history, goals, limitations, eating habits, and then ran her through the Functional Movement Screening. This established a baseline for everything we wanted to accomplish, and gave us a road map to get there. We provided a simple, workable, and complete plan that gave her the support system she needed for success!

So what happened? Let’s have Julie tell you in her own words! “Training twice a week during the evening fits my life perfectly. I commit four days each week to get my cardio in and use Sunday nights for food prep for the week. Monday, Wed, Friday and Saturday mornings I get up a little earlier for cardio. My elliptical and I have become such great friends that I have learned I don’t need to spend an hour on it! I am at work by 8:30am, feeling awesome because I’ve revved up the engine and have enjoyed a yummy protein shake. I am more focused during the day. I have my lunch and snacks right at my desk. On training nights, I am able to go home, change, train, and return home in time to relax before bed. Planning is the key. I have all my food packed in a small cooler that is easy to carry and next to my desk so I don’t forget to eat during the day. The food and cardio plan, along with the kettlebell training twice a week has changed my life! I am happier, healthier, and stronger than I’ve ever been. My family encourages me and applauds me. Every week I look forward to my training sessions with my workout partner, Tricia Howard and my trainer, Brendan Hurley. I am truly blessed with new friends. Now 48-year-old me is just going to keep getting better!! I am living proof that if you have the determination and the drive, you can enjoy a personal fitness lifestyle designed by Results. I love it! What are you waiting for?! It feels good to feel good!”

Julie has simply crushed everyone’s expectations, including her own! As she approaches 50 she has proven you can take your strength in the gym and apply it to life outside the gym. She can squat just over 135 lbs, she’s in the 200 swing club and the deadlift club, and she’s been featured on KELO for what strength training can do for women. That’s why Julie is our hero of the month!

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