Kenny & Janel Jacobs


We’ve all looked in the mirror and been unhappy with what we see. We have older family members with health issues we hope we never have to deal with. Despite what we see and fear, sometimes we allow our lifestyle to dictate our health and physical condition. Janel knew she needed to make time for health and fitness despite a busy career that puts her constantly on the go. Adding fuel to her fire was watching her father have both knee and hip replacements done and now experiencing knee pain herself! For Kenny, he knew his busy job as a Public Defender was killing the inner soccer player trapped within. Kenny loves playing and coaching soccer but the overwhelming workload was killing his desire to do anything after work but sit, relax and unwind. So how did this couple slay their dragons, take control of their health and celebrate with a trip to France? They came to Results and received the tools to implement for success!

Janel had been working with a personal trainer at another facility in Sioux Falls but just hadn’t seen the results she was after. She was getting stronger, but still hadn’t seen the movement on the scale and wasn’t happy with the reflection in the mirror. As an interior designer at a local furniture store she is constantly on the go helping several clients all day long. Completely frustrated with her progress and a wedding anniversary approaching she talked with Kenny and together they decided to give Results and kettlebells a try. Kenny, feeling completely uninspired to workout on his own agreed that a trainer could provide some needed responsibility for him. Plus this could be something they do together, which added even more accountability. He needed the push to get him going since a typical day starts at 7.30am where he’s pulling files and prepping for a full day in the court room, only to return to his office late in the afternoon to work on more files.

Once they completed their initial movement screening, spent some time learning the basic movements, and adopted the right eating plan these two crushed it! Janel says, “It has been wonderful to do this together because we can appreciate the hard work that it takes to get where we are at. I honestly don’t know if I would have made the same achievements without having my support system along side me! We not only cheer each other on, but have friendly competitions! We feed of each other’s energy and have helped “translate” if we are not quite getting a move down or are confused (usually me!). It has been really interesting to see how different our strengths and weakness’ are. A great example of this is how Kenny and I have made it into different clubs. He has no desire to do 200 swings, where I couldn’t give up on it until I had it! I also can’t imagine being in the pull-up club But Kenny wouldn’t let it go until he had it! I suppose that is why we are a good team in life!” Kenny agreed, “I think that doing this together has been better than on our own because we have seen the results of our hard work together. It is also sometimes a fun competition at Results to make sure we are getting on board or trying to move up the board.”

Both Kenny and Janel crushed their goals, dropping a combined total of 65lbs and becoming insanely strong in the process. Both are walking billboards for Results and love training with us. “I love that we have a variety of workouts, most of which you are not going to see anywhere else around! One thing about the kettlebell movements is how it may be considered one move (a swing even), but it really engages your total body at one time. The unique private environment keeps my attention which is key because if I get bored, then I become unmotivated. It is also fun to be there because the staff is always smiling and having fun. They all have unique strengths and backgrounds which help them serve a wide variety of clients.” Says Janel. If you’re thinking about training with us at Results, take Kenny’s advice, “I would say that no matter the age it’s never too late to get started. Results trainers have worked with us and made sure that we haven’t done more than we can handle. I think it’s the same for everyone I have seen at Results. Even if someone is worried about their age or current physical state, Results staff will ensure that all activity will be ok. I also feel the best I have ever felt. When we started I hadn’t dreamed that would be the case, so it just shows that even if you start trying to get into shape later in life, it’s never too late.”

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