Learning in a Group

For the past couple years my “Resolution” has been to try something I’ve never done or learn a new skill. Depending on the activity I may try something new each month. It’s kind of embarrassing but despite growing up in South Dakota I’d never fired a pistol. In January, I decided to cross it off my list of new skills. Like many people, I researched the crap out of it, read articles about stuff I had no clue about and signed up for a class. On a Saturday morning my wife, Tricia, and I showed up at Scheels to learn from Matt Johnson owner of Shepard Defense. I always hated walking into a new class, whether it’s fitness, school, or anything else. I’m just a ball of nerves… where do I sit? Who are these other people in the class? Am I the only one here that knows nothing? However, at the end of the day, Tricia and I learned a ton about safety, skill, the laws, and techniques that go with shooting a pistol.

I’d like to hope I’m not the only one that wants to try new things but then gets nervous just learning about it. Honestly, I see it sometimes at Results. When people start they always ask about what they should wear, they warn me about how out of shape they are, or they’re worried about how many other people will be in the gym the same time as they are. Sometimes it’s nice to do new things in a group with other people though. Group settings can provide motivation, structure, accountability, fun, and support. Imagine signing up for your first 5k, 10k, or even Strongman/woman Competition. Wouldn’t it be nice to have others to train with? Or an expert to show you the way?

Motivation- A good group training session should help provide some motivation. Now I’ll be honest here; I’m not one for motivational speeches. Competition provides motivation. You should get amped up about beating your last week’s numbers, or beating your training partner, or beating that one annoying person that gets under your skin.

Structure- Your instructor should be able to show you a 3-month plan guiding you to your goal. At what point should you be ramping up your miles in preparation for your 10k? When should you be purchasing some gear to help with your strongman/woman training?

Accountability- I know from previous experience once I’ve signed up for something it gets real. Now if you and a group of your friends have signed up together you’ll also have the “peer pressure” to show up.

Support- After participating in powerlifting years ago and a triathlon last summer, the one thing I really loved was the support. In competitive lifting, everyone is there to genuinely help one another and give you that slap on the back. At the triathlon, it was the same thing, people were helping one another before the race, encouraging others alone the course, and drinking a beer together after. Everyone has put in the time to be there and compete.

Starting in May Results will have two new group training opportunities. Cherie will lead a group and help everyone train for their first 5k or 10k. Tim will lead a Strongman/woman group and help them train for the Results Summer Strongman/woman Competition in late August. The runners group will have group strength training, a group run, and a solid laid out plan that will help you and your friends prepare. Tim’s Strongman group will train together for 3 months and finish with a competition complete with prizes. Now is the time to get a bit uncomfortable and learn a new skill. Find a new hobby, make some friends and just have fun getting faster and stronger.

Fun- The atmosphere in a small training group is pretty fun. You’ll make new friends, laugh at each other, and really start to enjoy what you’re doing. The social aspect or camaraderie is second to none.