What It Takes To Really Make Changes

What do you see when you look at this picture? Do you see New Year’s starting point? Every picture tells a story. What if I told you this picture represents a 100lb weight loss in a 6 month period? Does that change your interpretation? What’s it like to significantly change your life in 6 months? Several things can and need to happen....
Physically… you can now go shopping at a “Normal person’s Clothing Store”. You can fly on an airplane without asking for a seatbelt extender. You can hang out with a large group of people and not worry about what everyone’s thinking about you. You won’t have to wear certain things
to hide anything you’re self conscious about. You’ll have more energy and actually look forward to the start of your day. If you have children, you’ll be a more present parent because you can run and play with them.
Mentally… What does it take to commit to that first step? Sometimes the only thing you need to do is just take action. Just commit to doing something. Even if your first step takes you the wrong direction, at least you will have learned something. It’s so cliche but if you take a single step everyday, imagine where you’ll be at the end of the year? For example, if you want to lose 100lbs in a year that’s only 8.3lbs a month, or just under 2 pounds a week. I’m guessing most people can wrap their head around those small goals. Create your goal then break it down into small bites.
This isn’t just a simple take action sort of thing, you need to take full ownership for where you’re at right now. As well as what it’s going to take to get you out of this situation. Sylvester Stallone went from so poor he sold his dog for money then bought the dog back after selling the Rocky script. Dwayne Johnson was cut from the Canadian Football League and sent home to his dad’s house with only $7 in his pocket. We read stories about how people went from homeless to a life of luxury, honestly your health goals are the same thing. It really doesn’t matter where you’re at right now, just own your current situation and accept that it’s your fault. If something beyond your control put you in this pickle, then take ownership of how you respond. You need to have dialogue with yourself all day long. Ask yourself questions. For example, “I know eating this one Snickers bar will tide me over, but wouldn’t taking a couple extra minutes to eat some meat and veggies be a better long term decision?” Or for those of you that think you deserve crap food; “I ate good all day long, I’ve earned a slice of cheesecake. Is eating dessert right now really a step in the right direction?” By constantly asking questions, you’ll set yourself up for repeated small victories all day long. These repeated small victories pave the way for new habits.

2019, it’s entirely up to you. How will you view your situation? What are your goals? Most importantly, what’s your first step? Without taking action history will repeat itself.